Plant a Seed Promotional division of Custom Craft Trophy & Embroidery provides valuable advertising specialties and promotional products to virtually every industry.

The Promotional Products and Specialty Advertising business is a form of advertising where the advertising message is delivered on a useful item such as a T-shirt, coffee mug, calendar, pen or pencil. Browse our online resources and you will discover many exciting choices that will allow you to build your company's image.

Plant a Seed Promotional and Custom Craft provide you with quality products at great prices. Almost all companies, schools, churches, and community organizations that are prosperous use some type of promotional product. Promotional products represent the most cost effective form of advertising available. Why? It's because all other types of advertising do not have a proven lasting impact.

Promotional advertising works. They pay for themselves over and over again. They are practical which means that they get used every day. Many items such as pens have many different owners. They get noticed time and time again. They find permanent homes on refrigerators, walls, desks and vehicles. They get worn, carried in pockets, displayed, taken to sporting events, used to promote school spirit, church outreach and are a big hit at community sponsored events. "39% of all people receiving a promotional product recall the name of the company imprinted on the item as long as 6 months later" (Schreber and Associates).









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